Olives of Istria

Istria is located in the northernmost part of the Mediterranean, at the very northern edge of olive cultivation. It is an extreme geographical position that also brings privileges in the phase of accumulation of oil in the fruit, that is, processing of precious ingredients such as oleic acid in far greater percentages (75%) than in other Mediterranean regions. This enriches the product with added value that cannot be achieved elsewhere.
For the seventh year in a row, the Croatian region has been declared the best extra virgin olive oil region in the world by leading guide Flos Olei.

One of the most renowned olive oils in Istria is Chiavalon Olive Oil, often referred to as “the Dom Perignon of olive oils. The brothers who run the Chiavalon Estate are passionate about preserving polyphenols and strictly adhere to methods that ensure high quality. They harvest in October or November, before the olives have ripened fully, in order to avoid the damaging effects of oxygen. The brothers pride themselves on their affordable, high-quality olive oil and boast that their oil has consistently received ratings of 97 points out of 100 by Flos Olei.

But the real winner here is Mate organic extra virgin olive oil with a score of 99 out of 100 by Flos Olei. At the age of 75, on the threshold of the new millennium, Mate Vekić planted the first olive tree in his beloved Istria and designed and built his own oil mill in a place overlooking the sea. Since then, he has been producing precious oil every year, by harvesting olives by hand and pressing them at the right time.

A man who decided to dedicate himself to agriculture at the age of 75 - doesn't that tell us about great spiritual strength, moral greatness and immense love for the land? Every Istrian has such strength and love. That’s why their olive oil is the best in the world.

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