Istrian restaurants with Michelin's recommendation

A good vacation is not complete without perfect food. Here we offer a list of restaurants in Istria that have been on the Michelin list due to their excellence and quality.

Damir i Ornela is a restaurant in Novigrad. It is located in a small narrow street in the very center of the city. The restaurant offers numerous dishes, and according to Michelin, their specialty is raw fish. The restaurant uses fresh fish to create the perfect dish in front of you. The menu is explained orally to the guests, and with each dish you get a wine recommendation that goes perfectly with the food. At Damir and Ornela's place, guests are treated like family.

Marina is a Novigrad restaurant located in the Novigrad marina and offers a magnificent view of the ships. All dishes from this restaurant come from the Adriatic Sea, and what you will eat depends on the availability of fish and the season. The beauty of the restaurant is that everything you eat is fresh and well prepared. The restaurant offers a tasting menu of 6 to 8 dishes for both lunch and dinner.

San Rocco is a hotel with a restaurant. It is located in a small, typical Istrian town of BrtoniglA. You can enjoy your meals in a room that was once a wine cellar or on a beautiful outdoor terrace. All the dishes they serve are traditional, homemade and creative, and the tasting menu depends on the season. Dishes are also paired with wines in order to get a perfect presentation of all the flavors of Istria.

The Zigante restaurant is located in Livade and is known for its Istrian specialty, truffles. It is known as the restaurant that prepares the best truffles and is the only restaurant that fully specializes in truffles. You can eat them in meat versions or with pasta. They serve both white and black truffles depending on the season. The truffles are fresh from the Motovun forest.

Agli Amici restaurant, the menu of which is signed by the famous Italian chef Emanuele Scarello, brings to Rovinj cuisine decorated with a Michelin star. Located in the heart of the marina, the restaurant offers a stunning view of the old town of Rovinj and the island of St. Catherine, and guests a unique and unforgettable gourmet experience. Each dish is imbued with a story full of flavors in which the richness of Italian tradition meets Istrian scents, the sea, the land and its fruits.

Menenghettti is a restaurant in Bale. Where you can experience a modern interpretation of Istrian cuisine. Dishes are creatively presented and prepared from fresh, authentic and seasonally selected local ingredients. Along with food, you can also enjoy delicious wines from nearby vineyards.

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